Not correct. If you are using a VPN and run a WebRTC leak test and get a result of 192.168… this is a local IP address and is not uniquely identifiable – i.e. this is not a WebRTC leak. If your unique public IP address being exposed (when you are using a VPN) then you have a WebRTC leak. See additional information here.

5 Steps to Test WebRTC Leak (With and Without a VPN) Various things could go wrong if any third-party such as a hacker gets their hand on your actual IP address. Therefore, it is advisable that you use a leak checker to ensure that your VPN is keeping your IP hidden from prying eyes. 05/11/2015 · The WebRTC “bug” is dangerous for VPN users, as it can reveal your true IP address (thereby negating the whole point of using a VPN!) Although not really their fault, it would be great, however, if more providers could address the problem in order to protect their users, most of whom are completely unaware of this threat. VPN users beware: Firefox and Chrome have a security vulnerability that may leak your IP address unless you’re using a full-featured VPN like NordVPN. Read on to find out what a WebRTC leak is and how you can protect yourself. Si vous utilisez un VPN et que vous souhaitez naviguer de manière anonyme, cela peut être un vrai problème pour le respect de votre confidentialité. Comment ça marche? WebRTC, qui signifie Web Real-Time Communications, est un projet open source - présenté par Google, Mozilla et d'autres - qui permet des communications en temps réel sans plug-in via une API Javascript. webrtcを使ったサービスや、ウェブサイト自体がwebrtcを使って使用者のリアルipアドレス(vpnのipではなく、接続元のパブリックip)を知る事が出来ます 。このパブリックipは家の住所のような個人情報で、相手に知られるとある程度の身分が特定出来てしまいます。

Das WebRTC Leak Test Tool wurde entwickelt, um herauszufinden, ob der von Ihnen verwendete VPN-Client eine IP-Adresse hat oder nicht.

1. WebRTC Leaks. WebRTC leaks occur when your true IP address is leaked and exposed through your browser's WebRTC functionality. What's that? WebRTC is  There are three types of leaks users of VPNs need to be concerned about – DNS leaks, IP leaks and WebRTC leaks. DNS Leaks – While your VPN might be  You should expect any WebRTC-related application to fail in all browsers, when VPN is on. I have exactly opposite situation - when VPN is on,  Jul 11, 2018 Hola VPN – DNS and WebRTC leak. Server used for testing: United States. Hola is one of our lowest ranked VPNs. This free VPN logs your 

VPN豆知識 WebRTCとは?WebRTCによるVPN接続ユーザーのIPリークについて . vpncafe-admin 2019年9月2日 / 2020年1月29日. このページはこんな方におすすめです. WebRTCによるIPリークについて知りたい; WebRTC�

Das WebRTC Leak Test Tool wurde entwickelt, um herauszufinden, ob der von Ihnen verwendete VPN-Client eine IP-Adresse hat oder nicht. Le “bug” WebRTC est dangereux pour les utilisateurs de VPN, car il peut révéler votre véritable adresse IP, ce qui annule tout l’intérêt d’utiliser un VPN ! Bien que le problème se situe au niveau des navigateurs, on peut saluer les efforts de certains VPN pour corriger le problème afin de protéger leurs utilisateurs, dont la plupart ne sont pas du tout conscients de cette menace. A website could potentially exploit WebRTC, making your actual IP address visible even when connected to a VPN services such as Avast SecureLine VPN. We are actively looking for a solution to fix this issue. However, you can still protect your privacy in the meantime by blocking or disabling WebRTC. Or, avoid the vulnerability by using a